our vintage caravan journey




"Mable" - An english female name derived from the Latin amabillis, "lovable, dear".

Mable is a 1950s vintage caravan, a bond wood backyard project. After 60 odd years of traveling the globe Mable was in need of some extreme TLC, we saw past the holes and serious dilapidation. We had grand plans for this little van, transforming her into the traveling beauty she is today.

Vintage sophistication with a little whimsical charm. Mable features a stunning solid jarrah timber bar top, a VIP leather lounge area, 208L beer fridge, 2 x ice sinks, beautiful custom awning windows, vintage industrial style light fixtures and quirky fittings.

Mable & co was established in 2013, the result of a simple idea and a love for unique celebrations with a difference. Our little lady is part of the family, we want you to enjoy her as much as we do!